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*Private Crawling : Expired domains found by your crawls remain private and will only be visible to you, unless a “standard” member finds them as well, in which case the domains will appear in the general list.

Expired Domains Database

ExpiredPack allows you to access its entire database of expired domains, thousands are added every day. Each member participates in its expansion by crawling websites.

Expired Domains Crawler

We offer a crawler of expired domains with unlimited requests. If you do not find your happiness in our database, launch some search on websites in the theme you are looking for, and wait a few moments. Our crawler will then add all the domains it has found to the database.

PBN Magic Tool

Our tool, PBN Magic Tool, available to all subscribers, allows you to install your PBN in 1 click. Using cPanel, it connects and creates the database for you, installs WordPress, plugins, and the theme you would have chosen. Everything is automatically generated. Creating your PBN is child’s play.

Expired Domain Detail

ExpiredPack offers you a large data field for expired domains. Find easily in 1 click all the information you need to choose your domain.
Details are often very important in choosing the expired domain you need. Feel free to ask the community for advice.

Email Alert

Used properly, this tool allows you to receive email alerts when an expired domain meets your criteria. All you have to do is analyze his statistics and then register it or not.

As an SEO strategist I intervene mainly on targeted themes that have become my specialties. The proposed service allows me to target my search for expired ndd by quickly focusing on areas that are of real interest to me. The saving of time is considerable!

Morgane Surlenet

SEO / SEO editor

Subscribing to ExpiredPack is a great way to get expired domains from authority sites on a regular basis and for a low price. I definitely recommand it to people who want to expand their network of blogs and niche sites.

Maximilien Labadie


ExpiredPack is very simple, and allows to find expired domains with excellent RD quickly. A considerable time saving and a very affordable offer. Everything is there. congratulations.

Maher Wannes

CEO Dailycom Agency

Having worked for many years with expired domain names, I first created a tool for my own work. But why keep a good cake just for me?
ExpiredPack and its community will save you a lot of time.

Quentin Beillard

Founder ExpiredPack, Consultant SEO

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Expired Domain Hunter

✅Expired Domains Crawler

No limitation. No constraints. Our expired domains crawler allows you to retrieve all expired domains from a website. Simply indicate the URL of the target website, and our crawler will export all expired domains found on the website.


ExpiredPack allows you to choose an expired domain name. New ones are added permanently. You can filter expired domains using advanced filters.

✅Domain Metrics

All expired domains come with their metrics: Moz, Majestic, Semrush, Web Archive, Pricing, Premium, Facebook, Linkedin, Stumbles.

✅PBN Magic Tool

A tool that allows you to install your PBN in one click.